Basic Info

Name: Valrek
Rank: Admiral
Age: 137
Date of Birth: Terran year 2349
Place of Birth: Shi'Kahr, Vulcan
Species: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Current assignment: Phoenix Fleet, USS Phantom
Current Position: Fleet Commander-in-Chief, Ships Commanding Office

Spouse: None
Mother: Ambassador Loren
Father: Ambassador Tomak
Brothers: None
Sisters: None
Children: None
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 186lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Physical Appearance: Valrek has short black hair with green eyes. He is well fit and exercises almost everyday, which gives him an unusual shoulder length and muscle tone in the upper body. His general appearance to most is that of a well fit Vulcan.
Skin Tone: Tanned
Distinguishing Marks: He has a scare on his right forearm from Bat'leth after battling a Klingon.

Service Record

2371-Graduated SMCA rank of 2nd Lt. Went into Drill Instructor School. Graduated 5 months later taken a rank reduction to Gunnery Sgt.
2372-Went to Starfleet Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Trained Marine Recruits until 2377.
2377-Entered Starfleet Academy.
2381-Graduated 3 years early do to prior training and experence with the rank of Lt.
2382-Assigned to the U.S.S. Hood (Interpid Class) as Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
2382-Reseved Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry.
2384-Promoted to rank of Lt. Commander. Transfered to U.S.S. Bolo (Defiant Class) as Executive Officer.
2384-Promoted to rank of Commander for Starfleet years of service, Captains recommendation.
2386-Promoted to rank of Captain. Ordered to take command of Starfleets newest prototype, Phantom Class. Recommended by Captain of the U.S.S. Bolo for surperior Tactical Skills. Also recommended by General Alex (Ret) and Vice-Admiral Carter.
******The following has happened.*******
2386-Promoted to rank of Commodore. Ordered to be Flagship of Task Force 20, Task Group 3. Became Task Force 20s Second Officer, by order of Fleet Admiral Kyle Galli, Valiant Fleet.
2386-Promoted to rank Rear Admiral. Ordered to be Flagship and Commander of Task Force 20, by order of Fleet Admiral Kyle Galli, Valiant Fleet.
2386-Promoted to rank Admiral. Ordered by Fleet Admiral Kyle Galli to take the position as Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet.
2386-Ordered to take command of Phoenix Fleet stationed by the Romulan, Cardassian Border, by order of Fleet Admiral Kyle Galli, Valiant Fleet.
2387-Ordered back to Valiant Fleet at the position of Joint Fleet Commander
2387-Joint Fleet Command reorganized. New position of Senior Joint Fleet Commander and promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral.
2387-Fleet Command reorganized. New position of Co-Fleet Commanding Officer. Rank of both FCOs, Admiral.

Starfleet Awards

Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry-
Adwared during duty on board the U.S.S. Hood for extreme bravery while on an away mission were he saved two (2) members of the crew (one (1) being the First Officer) from an enemy attack while they were pinned down.


Starfleet Marine Corps Academy, Terran year 2371
Starfleet Academy, Terran year 2381

Strengths & Weaknesses

Valrek best strength is his mind. Being able to work through problems and come up with solutions or theories for a solution quickly. This ability helps make him a good person to have around in a sticky situation and also aids him in helping those who ask it of him.
Another one of his better strengths is his ability to listen to everything going on around him. Over the years Valrek has trained himself to listen closely to his surrounds so he can better plan his next move in a battle situation or peace negotiation. This ability leads into one of Valreks also better strength which is his marksmanship ability which can rival the best Marines out there. His last weapons tests showed this with him scoring a 370 out of 300; making the weapons instructors having to reformulate the scoring charts. With that score he broke the previous highest Starfleet score of 310 out of 300.

Valrek worst weakness is his inability to understand Human illogical thinking.
Another of his weaknesses is his occasional showing of emotion during certain situations.


At age 12, Valrek began to show an over whelming insight for Tactical analysis. The end year at age 13, he received a personal letter of accommodation from Rear Admiral John Keys, Starfleet Chief of Strategic Operations for the 20 page paper Valrek had written on Tactical awareness. Throughout Valrek’s High School years he continued to advance in his knowledge of both Security and Tactical measures.
After graduation Valrek was requested to join Starfleet Academy by Rear Admiral John Key and upon graduation to attend the Starfleet Strategic and Advanced Tactical Operations School. Valrek was unsure what he wanted to do and did not accept the request right after his High School graduation. It took him 6 months after that to figure out that he wanted to join Starfleet.


Vulcan, Terran, Romulan, Cardassain


Valrek enjoys reading, playing chess, biking, and rock climbing. His interests are in new security technologies, tactical books and manuals along with trying to understand Human Humor.

Player Experience

Admiral Valrek- Valiant Fleet Co-Fleet Commanding Officer and CO
USS Phantom and still CO of the USS Phantom
Vice Admiral Varel- Juno Fleet Chief Judge Advocate General
Captain Vincent Knight- Special Mission Advisor, Valiant Fleet
Captain Tomek- CO, USS Rembrandt, Juno Fleet (Dead)
Cmdr. Tomek- Chief Sec/Tac Officer, USS Gateway (Dead)
Cmdr. Aliok- XO, USS Liberty, Bravo Fleet
Cmdr. Tomek- CO Obrital Ship, Heritage Colony, Juno Fleet
Lt. Cmdr. Tomek- Chief Medical Officer,
USS Melstone-(Ret)
Currently getting into the Realm of D&D.
Total years RPing Exp: ~7 yrs.