Announcements & News

*Today marks the creation of our 6th ship within the Task Group. The USS Envoy, NCC-26520. She is an Ambassador Class vessel. She comes to us from outside the Task Group. (Date: 19 Sept, 2008)
*We are pleased to announce the opening of the Task Groups 5th ship. The USS Gaius, NCC-221345. She is an Interpid Class vessel looking for a Commanding Officer and crew. (Date: 15 Sept, 2008) 
* The Task Group is well under way. With all 4 of its ships staffed. (Date: 01 Sept, 2008)
* The Task Group is happy to announce that we now have 4 ships. We look forward to having them all active as soon as they are staffed.
* The Task Group has opened up. We are currently looking for Crew Members on all Ships.
* The Task Group currently has 1 starship open at this current time. If you are interested in commanding a starship please send all applications to Admiral Valrek at:

Special News & Announcements

(Date: 19 Sept, 2008)
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today marks a special event for us all. With the Task Group having 6 ships now, Command and I have decided we are going to move us up to the next level; A Task Force. This means we will now have 2 Task Groups and a few more AlphaOmega113 Staff Positions. The follow is a list of the Task Groups and the ships within them.

Task Group 1 Raven's Roost:

USS Phantom (Task Force Flagship)
USS Vladivostok (TFXO Flagship)
USS Leviathon

Task Group 2 Centurions:

USS Chenonceau (TGCO Flagship)
USS Envoy
USS Gaius

The follow list are the AlphaOmega113 Task Force Staff positions:

Task Force Commander: Admiral Valrek
Task Force Executive Officer: Rear Admiral (2pip) Valas
Marine Ground Assault Adviser: General Vincent Patton
Task Group 2 Commander: Rear Admiral (1pip) Mila Thein