Basic Info

Name: Valas Krathek
Rank: Commodore
Age: 37
Date of Birth: year 2349
Place of Birth: Qo’noS, Klingon Home World
Species: Klingon
Gender: Male
Current Assignment: Task Group 1-"Raven Roost" USS Phantom
Current Position: Task Group Senior Captain, USS Vlodivostok CO
Previous Assignment: Captain in the Klingon Defense Force
Previous Position: Commanding office of the Bird of Prey, “IKS Jor’ Rok”.

Spouse: None
Mother: Chula Krathek (Deceased)
Father: Rogack Krathek (Deceased)
Brothers: 3
Sisters: None
Children: None
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 246lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Physical Appearance: Standing tall in ANY crowd, Valas has an intimidating physical presence and appears stronger than a herd of targs. Daily combat regimens and work outs keep Valas at the top of his form. Possessing a well pronounced ridgeline and the history of a Venerable lineage, Valas was the perfect candidate to command one of the few Starfleet Warships in service.
Skin Tone: Tanned
Distinguishing Marks: possessing scars over much of his body from close quarters combat, Valas does not consider any distinguishing except to allow others to see a TRUE Klingon Warrior!

Service Record

2368- At the Age of Ascension, Entered the Klingon War Academy.
2369- Graduated with Honors from Klingon War Academy.
2369- Entered service into Klingon Defense Force as a Warp Engineer aboard the Vor’cha Class Klingon Warship, “IKS Cha Na’ Gart”.
2369- Achieved Rank of Lt. Commander after challenging and succeeding in combat with Chief Engineer Paghtrek.
2370- Transferred to Klingon Flagship, “IKS Kornok”, As chief engineer.
2371- Achieved rank of Commander after a Romulan engagement that killed the ship’s 2nd Officer.
2371- Killed the Kornak’s XO, because he was a coward and would not fire on a Cardassian vessel.
2371- Transferred to New Klingon Flagship, The “IKS Negh'Var,” under the Command of General Martok.
2372- Achieved Rank of Captain and given command of the Bird of Prey “IKS Jor’ Rok”.
2372- Deployed as a part of the Klingon Fleet that attacked Deep Space 9 during the short-lived Klingon/Federation War.
2373- Entered Dominion War with Honors after jumping 4 Jem’Hadar fighters and destroying them all.
2375- Completed the Dominion War, with over 300 career kills with the “IKS Jor’ Rok”.
Awawded The Order of the Bat'leth by Chancellor Gowron.
2376- Awarded The Star of Kahless and inducted into the prestigious Order of Kahless.
2377- Offered 1 of 10 positions for Klingon Officers to enter Starflleet.
2377- Accept offer and enter Starfleet Academy.
2380- Graduated Starfleet Academy 4 years early, due to prior command and combat experience with the Rank of Lt.
2380- First Starfleet posting aboard the Steamrunner Class, USS Appalacia, NCC-52136 as a Deputy Engineer.
2381- Promoted to the Rank Lt. Commander and transferred to the Korolev Class, USS Goddard, NCC-59621, as the Chief of Security/Tactical Officer.
2383- Promoted to the Rank of Commander and becomes Ship’s XO aboard USS Goddard, NCC-59621 after a Romulan, Battle at Carraya IV, that kills XO, incapacitates Captain and nearly destroys ship.
2383- Receives Starfleet Commendation for Gallantry, Medal of Honor, Tour of Duty: Romulan and Dept service Badge: Service Medals.
2383- Participates in federation invasion of research facility on Chaltok IV, and is forced to take command of ground forces after catastrophic losses.
2384- Receives 2nd Starfleet Commendation for Gallantry , 2nd Medal of Honor, 2nd Tour of Duty: Romulan and Dept service Badge: Command Medals.
2384- Engages in 14 different combats during the short 8 month, “Romulan/Federation War”.
2384- Receives 3rd Starfleet Commendation for Gallantry, 3rd and 4th Medal of Honor, 3rd, 4th and 5th Tour of Duty: Romulan, 2nd Dept Service Badge: Command, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Veteran Combat Medals, 1st and 2nd Heart of the Tiger Award, 1st Marksmanship and 1st and 2nd Purple Heart Medals.
2385- Promoted to the Rank of Captain. Given Command of the Sovereign Class, USS Bizmark, NCC-69773.
2385- USS Bizmark, NCC-69773, is lost in Battle for Randanthik Prime. Captain Valas returns to Starfleet Academy to teach Combat Tactics and Hand to Hand Technique.
2386- Offered command of 1 of 3 new Destroyer Class Starships, based on older Defiant design II.
2386- Accepts offer and becomes Technical Combat Advisor to Utopia Planetia Shipyard, for duration of Destroyer Class construction.
2387- Promoted to Rank of Commodore by Admiral J. W. Freedlark.
2387-Becomes Commanding Officer of USS Vladivostok, NCC-27105.
2387- Launches USS Vladivostok, NCC-27105, after its commission and conducts trials personally.
2387- Launches USS Vladivostok, NCC-27105, for maiden voyage and 1st Assignment.
2387-Transfered to Command, Task Group 1-"Raven's Roost". New Position of TGCO.

Starfleet Awards

Starfleet Commendation for Gallantry- 3
Medal of Honor- 4
Tour of Duty: Romulan- 5
Department Service Badge: Service- 1
Department Service Badge: Command- 2
Veteran Combat Medals- 3
Marksmanship Ribbon- 1
Heart of the Tiger Award- 2
Purple Hearts- 2


Klinonese, Terran, Romulan, Cardassain

Player Experience:

Dungeons and Dragons: 1979-2008

Dungeons and Dragons: Greyhawk (Version 1)
Dungeons and Dragons: Advanced AD&D (Version 2)
Dungeons and Dragons: Skills and Powers (Version 2.5)
Dungeons and Dragons: D20 (Version 3.0)
Dungeons and Dragons: D20 (Version 3.5)

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