Vincent Patton

Species: Terran
Full Name: Vincent Smith Patton
Time of birth: June 6, 2364
Age: 22
Place of birth: West Virginia, Earth
Education: All military schooling though High School, Went to Marine Corps Academy at 18
Marital status: Single
Current Assignment: USS Phantom
Current Position: Marine Commanding Officer, Fighter Pilot, Shadow Squadron, Call sign: Shadow One
Current Rank: Brigadier General
Current Status: Active
Father: Col. James Clyde Patton
Mother: Ambassador Theresa Claire Patton

Personal Background:
Initially joined Marine Corps Academy for fighter pilot training. Was what people refer to as a "prodigy", a natural in the cockpit. Though his instructors say he was the best trainee they ever had, they also were quoted saying "He is more dangerous than the enemy." Was repeatedly reprimanded, and almost removed from flight training, for breaking RoE during training engagements, just so he could get a confirmed kill. Graduated number one in his class from flight school as 1st. Lieutenant.
Was promoted to Captain by the Marine Commandant himself only months after graduation. The official report states that Lt. Patton was participating in a social event that the Commandant and his family were also attending. The Commandant's escort was ambushed outside of the event by several unknown assailants, the target was believed to be the eldest daughter. The escorts were quickly overwhelmed, either killed or incapacitated. Lt. Patton was able to arm himself with one of the fallen escort's weapons and fend off the assailants until help arrived. Lt. Patton turned down decorations from the incident and attempted to turn down promotion stating that he "was just doing what he was trained to do" it was also said that Patton was afraid of losing his wings.
His promotion to Major came while he was assigned as escort for the medical vessel USS Aristotle, which was on a humanitarian mission to cure an unknown plague on Copernicus VI. The vessel cam under attack by a Romulan Warbird. Unable to fight back, the Aristotle tried to flee. The escort squadron, led by Capt. Patton, ran interference for the fleeing medical ship knowing they were out gunned and would probably not survive the encounter. Though sheer luck, heavy sacrifice by the squadron, and some major tactical blunders on the Warbird's part, the Romulan ship was destroyed and the Aristotle was able to successfully complete it's mission. Again Patton turned down decorations and promotions in an attempt to not risk his flight status, but was promoted to Major. Is currently assigned to the USS Phantom as the Marine Commanding Officer. Recently promoted by General Lee for outstanding service to the Corps and was promoted to Brigadier General by Admiral Valrek.

Personal Information
Somewhat removed from others, only seems to confide in 1st Lt. Clyde Edgar Arrowny a fellow pilot, Patton's wingman, and childhood friend. Lt. Arrowny and Brig. Gen. Patton attended flight school together with Clyde's older twin brothers 1st Lt. John Scott Arrowny and 1st Lt. Daniel Bartholomew Arrowny. The four were childhood friends and all were assigned to the USS Aristotle. The older twins died in the dogfight to save the Aristotle along with most of the squadron by ramming thier fighters into critical sections of the Warbird. Patton and Arrowny have not talked of the battle publicly and have refused counseling. Neither show any signs of psychological strain however, but both do exhibit a heightened sense of selflessness; more willing to risk their own lives than to put those with them at risk.

General Patton's flight status is still valid at this time and is qualified to fly all types of fighters, bombers, and other forms of aircraft.