Directives and Regulations

Starfleet Regulations:

Regulation 3 (Paragraph 12):

In the event of imminent destruction, a Starfleet Captain is authorized to preserve the lives of his crew by any justifiable means.

Regulation 6.57:

At least two staff officers to be present during any treaty or contract negotiations.

Regulation 7 (Paragraph 4):

An officer must consider himself under arrest, unless in the presence of the most senior fellow officers presently available, the officers must give satisfactory answer to those charges...

Regulation 46A:

If transmissions are being monitored during battle, no uncoded messages on an open channel.

Regulation 157, Section 3 (Paragraph 18):

Starfleet officers shall take all necessary precautions to minimize any participation in historical events.

Regulation 191 (Article 14):

In a combat situation involving more than one ship, command falls to the vessel with tactical superiority.

Regulation 476.9:

All away teams must report to the bridge at least once every 24 hours.

Regulation 2884.3:

Substances unstable in an oxygen atmosphere must be handled with care.

Regulation 3287.0:

Due to its high volatile nature, antimatter must be stored in magnetic confinement pods.

Procedure Q:

If a state of deep hostility exists, a landing party is to beam down fully armed and ready for any kind of trouble.

Reserve Activation Clause:

A "little known" and "seldom used" clause in Starfleet regulations which allows for the recall of a retired or discharged officer in the event of an emergency.

Starfleet Further Directives:

Article 14, Section 31:

This section permit the use of "extraordinary measures" in times of dire emergency.

Directive 010:

Before engaging alien species in battle, any and all attempts to make first contact and achieve nonmilitary resolution must be made.

Directive 101:

Any individual accused of murder does not have to answer any questions.

Tactical Directive 36:

The captain will not engage a hostile force without the protection of a security officer.

Omega Directive-DeClassified:

(denoted by Ω) is a highly classified Starfleet general order requiring the Captain of a starship to notify Starfleet Command immediately upon detection of an Omega molecule.

The directive authorizes the use of any and all means to destroy an Omega molecule. The Omega Directive was deemed necessary because of the extreme power and the threat to interstellar civilization posed by even a single molecule. The Omega Directive also authorizes a starship captain to violate the Prime Directive if necessary to erase knowledge of the existence of Omega. Knowledge of the Omega Molecule and the Omega Directive is restricted to Starfleet officers ranking Captain or higher.

The Temporal Prime Directive:

All Starfleet personnel were strictly forbidden from directly interfering with historical events and were required to maintain the timeline and prevent history from being altered. It also restricts people from telling too much about the future, so as not to cause paradoxes or alter the timeline.

Starfleet Order 2:

Starfleet regulation against the taking of intelligent life.

Starfleet Order 104: Section B, Paragraph 1-A :

In the absence of a starship's assigned captain, a flag officer has the authority to assume command of the starship should he deem it necessary.

Starfleet Order 104: Section C:

Should it be proven with admissible evidence that the flag officer who has assumed command is medically or psychologically unfit for command, the starship's ranking officer may relieve him on that basis. However, such an action must be supported by an appropriate certification of unfittness by the ship's Chief Medical Officer (requiring the CMO to also produce test results to that effect) or other clear evidence, such as an act of attempted suicide.

Medical Emergency on Alien Terrain (Alpha):

It is recommended to keep an open com-channel at all times.

Medical Emergency on Alien Terrain (Bravo):

Specifically forbid the transport of unknown infectious agents onto a starship without establishing containment and eradication protocols.

Protocol 28 (Subsection D):

In the event of hostile alien takeover the EMH is to deactivate and wait for rescue.

Protocol 121 (Section A):

The Chief Medical Officer has the power to relieve an officer or crewman, including a superior one, of their duties if in the officer's professional judgment, he or she is medically unfit.

Code 1:

Signals either a total or imminent disaster, a possible invasion, or indicates that the Federation is either currently or about to be engaged in open warfare with a hostile power. The code requires all Starfleet personnel within the affected area to immediately assume a 'war' footing or posture. It is also colloquially known as "Defense Alert", or a "Priority One Alert".

Code 1-Alpha-Zero:

Indicates a starship in distress.

Code 7-10:

A "quarantine code". No Starfleet or Federation-registered starship is to approach a system or vessel which is broadcasting Code 7-10.

Code 47:

an ultra-secure communications protocol, for Captain's eyes only. So secure that all traces of a Code 47 transmission or communication are automatically wiped from all computer records.